Bounding Back: Finn ‘feeling stronger’ after recovery from Stevenage stabbing says police handler

PD Finn is eager to return back to work.

PD Finn is eager to return back to work. - Credit: Archant

Police dog Finn who was stabbed in the line of duty could be back to work in mid December according to his handler.

The German Shepherd was stabbed in the head and chest while chasing a suspect in Stevenage on October 4.

The seven-year-old canine was rushed to Davies’ Veterinary Specialists in Higham Gobion, where he underwent a life-saving operation. Incredibly, despite the severity of his wounds, Finn refused to let go of the suspect. His handler PC Dave Wardell also received a stab wound to the hand.

Since the incident, Finn has been recovering under the watchful eye of PC Wardell, who has had him since he was a nine-month-old pup.

PC Wardell said: “Finn’s recovery is going really well. He has been officially discharged from the vet and he’s getting stronger. He is now allowed three lots of 45 minutes exercise each day. Next week, we’ll be increasing that to one hour, three times a day. Then he should be able to start training to return to work.”