Boro Memories Day: Phil Wallace

Stevenage chairman recalls his favourite Boro moments ahead of this weekend’s event

This Saturday (October 29) is Boro Memories Day down at Stevenage as the Lamex Stadium will be turned into a multi-roomed recording studio as a team from the University of Hertfordshire will seek to create an ‘instant oral history’ of the club.

Fans of all ages and Boro staff who do not make the trip to Bury will be encouraged to go along and have their memories of great Boro moments and seasons recorded for posterity in sound. They can also take memorabilia for scanning or photographing.

The Comet has been running a series of interviews with people associated with the club about their favourite Stevenage memories, and here chairman Phil Wallace talks about some of his favourite moments...

“I think [Boro Memories Day] is a fantastic idea. I don’t recall anyone ever doing this sort of thing before... and anything that’s new is good! Football is built on memories, isn’t it? You think back to when you were a kid when you first went to a game, memorable games that you saw, maybe you played the game and you had great times doing that.

“One game that stands out? Well, you’d pick so many wouldn’t you? I always remember reading of particular games here at Stevenage before I became a part of it... games that were a statement of intent.

“But I suppose the most emotional game for me was Kidderminster away in 2010 when we achieved promotion to the Football League... if I have to pick one game it would be that, as it was a never-to-be-repeated moment.

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“But so many other games. Beating Newcastle here was outstanding. Oxford away last season in League Two... we’d not done too well up until then. We won, and that seemed to be a turning point.

“If we don’t save memories, people just forget don’t they? If you can protect memories it all helps build an image for the club.”

Boro Memories Day takes place this Saturday at the Lamex Stadium from 10am until 6pm.

There will be parking available behind the main stand and those attending will be able to pick up a souvenir of the day.

Ex-Boro manager Paul Fairclough will be at the Lamex from 11am should fans want to meet him and discuss their favourite Boro moments.

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