Boro make it to gaming premier league

FOOTBALL fans and PlayStation pros queued up late last Thursday night to be the first people to buy a copy of the new FIFA game, which this year features the newly promoted Stevenage FC.

This is the first time the club has appeared in the popular gaming franchise, and it has been well received by Boro fans.

Mark Hollis, secretary of the club’s supporters’ association, said: “Having Boro appear on Fifa 11 is great for Stevenage fans.

“The Battle For Glory mode means that we can all try our hands at Graham Westley’s job, and, unlike manager style games, can play our tactics through to the end ourselves.

“Not only that, but thanks to the player creator, I’m currently five stone lighter, fast, and top goal scorer in League 2 this season. Plus, I’ve been able to get Chris Holroyd signed on permanently for nothing, something which we can only dream of happening in real life!

“The only downside to it is that I’ve now found myself researching players to bring in when the current squad isn’t good enough to compete in the Champions League!”

Many retailers across Comet country opened at midnight to sell the game when it was released, with ASDA in Stevenage reportedly shifting around 200 copies of FIFA 11, which was released on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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A spokesman for EA SPORTS, which produced the game, said: “We’re delighted to welcome Stevenage to FIFA 11. While we pride ourselves on delivering the most authentic experience possible, it’s great that, through FIFA 11, Stevenage fans can take their team to the likes of Old Trafford and The Nou Camp and compete with the very best.

“The fans can also play out their entire season and make or re-write history in Stevenage’s first year in the Football League.”