Sportsman's journey to finding his superstar birth father - boxing commentator Bob Sheridan

Simon Edwards

Simon Edwards from Hitchin has recently found out his birth father is a boxing commentator Bob Sheridan - Credit: Courtesy of Simon Edwards

The life of a Hitchin Town FC steward and Letchworth cricket player has been turned upside down, after finding out his birth father is multi-millionaire American boxing presenter, "Colonel" Bob Sheridan. 

Simon Edwards, a former Comet employee, has had a whirlwind few months after claiming to have found out the identity of his birth father.

Bob Sheridan

American boxing commentator Bob Sheridan found out he had a son earlier this year - Credit: Courtesy of Bob Sheridan

He told the Comet: "My adopted parents are from Irish and Liverpool backgrounds, and I grew up in Hitchin. I hadn't really looked at getting in touch with my birth parents.

"I took a trip to Galway in 2019, and it was through a genealogy site I tracked some family down. 

"My birth mum passed away in 1985, she had nine sisters and one brother - huge family out there - and they filled me in. It was a lovely trip, they really accepted me as part of the family."

Simon Edwards and Bob Sheridan

Simon Edwards (left) found his birth family, who revealed his father was Hall of Fame winner and Boxing commentator Bob Sheridan (right) - Credit: Simon Edwards/Hall of Fame

Simon's birth mum was from County Clare in Ireland, and met the Boston star at the hotel she worked at when he was there on holiday. 

"They obviously hit it off," Simon continued. "Being unmarried and from a Catholic family in those days, she put me up for adoption."

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This new year, Simon received an email from one of his aunts, telling him his birth father was Bob Sheridan.

"Colonel" Bob Sheridan is an American boxing and MMA commentator, and has presented thousands of fights - including the October 1974 fight between Muhammed Ali and George Foreman. 

Simon Edwards and Steve Collins

Since the revelation, Simon has been in touch with Irish boxer Steve Collins - Credit: Paul Caputo

Bob's wife Annie had sadly passed away just before the revelation. 

"I just emailed him to say I was sorry for his loss," Simon continued.

"From there, he asked for my number and we have been speaking on the phone every day."

Bob explained to American site that following his wife's funeral, he got a call from "people high up in the government" who told him without question that he had a 41-year-old son. 

Simon Edwards and Paul Caputo

Simon with friend, and new manager Paul Caputo, who has been helping him through the journey of finding his dad - Credit: Paul Caputo

Speaking to the boxing news outlet, he said:  "It is an inspiration in life for me. They took away my wife and the same day they gave me my long-lost son. I had no idea this boy existed."

"All of a sudden all these superstars who are friends of his want to meet me," Simon said.

"I went to Irish professional boxer Steve Collins' house, and it turns out he knew my mum as well, and have had other big names get in touch. 

"Bob's sent me some tickets to go out to Vegas for his birthday in June. From there, I'll be flying all over America.

"It's all very exciting - but I'm trying to take it all in my stride. My mum and dad here are over the moon - they've always said if I wanted to find them they would be behind me."

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