Fed up residents throw birthday party for abandoned car

parked volkswagen golf birthday party celebration

Residents in George Street, Shefford threw a tongue in cheek birthday party for the abandoned VW Golf on New Years Eve. - Credit: Archant

A group of residents have marked the one year anniversary of a car being abandoned in their street with a sarcastic celebratory party.

Patricia Roffey and her fellow residents in George Street, Shefford, first noticed the silver VW Golf in December 2019.

Not thinking much of it, the residents went about their normal lives, until they started to realise the car hadn't moved an inch over time, and the interior was filling up with strange things.

parked silver volkswagen golf

The car was covered in birthday bunting, pictures and balloons. - Credit: Archant

Pat said: "Looking inside it's really odd, there are chips on the floor, earrings, shoes and bottles of shampoo.

"We reported the fact it had been abandoned to the DVLA, our council and also the town mayor. Nothing has been done.

"I phoned Central Beds Council in July to check, and was informed that an officer had conducted an inspection and decided as it was a decent car it could not possibly be abandoned!"

Fast forward a year later, and the disgruntled residents decided to throw a special birthday bash for the untaxed vehicle, which according to DVLA records hasn't had an MOT certificate since March 25.

silver vw Golf parked

The silver VW Golf has not moved since December 2019. - Credit: Archant

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On New Years Eve, the residents covered the car in balloons, bunting and banners - with a slice of birthday cake the only thing missing.

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