Biggleswade residents left in the dark over street light fiasco

Street Lights

Street Lights - Credit: Archant

A Biggleswade resident has slammed a property developer as ‘ignorant’ after failing to provide street lights on her road – which she believes has contributed to an increase in crime.

Sylvie Lawrence – of Sanger Avenue, on the Kings Reach estate – told the Comet she has been pleading with house builder Persimmon Homes since the spring but to no avail so far.

She claims the developer ‘overlooked’ installing street lights when it first built homes and, after putting them up, have completely ignored her requests to turn them on.

She said: “I’ve been in the house a year and I’ve never had a working street light.

“I feel a bit nervous in the dark as you don’t know who could jump out at you.

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“It’s also not right that they can keep ignoring my requests – it has made me speak out as it’s unacceptable and a little ignorant.

“There has also been talk of an increase in thefts and break-ins around here as it’s easier for burglars when there is no light.

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“It also makes me a bit fearful in terms of the fact there are a lot of children around here – and if there are no street lights in the dark winter months then it makes them more vulnerable.

“It’s about feeling safe when it’s dark and street helps to do that – if we don’t have any light it makes things more difficult for many reasons.

“I care about our community and I just want Persimmon to make the street lights work.”

In a letter from Persimmon to Sylvie dated September 4, which the Comet has seen, the company confirmed it had ‘re-instructed the contractor to install’ the street lights ‘as soon as possible’.

However 25 days later there is still no evidence of the vital work being undertaken.

Persimmon did not respond with a comment despite repeated requests to do so.

Bedfordshire police could find no evidence of break-ins in and around Kings Reach for September – but did confirm a they received one report of a theft of an Ipad from a Ford after it was broken into on Sanger Avenue – which took place between 2pm on Friday and 1.30pm on Saturday.

A spokesman for the police added: “Drivers are urged to remember to keep all valuables out of view and consider leaving the glove box open, so it is clear that no valuables are inside.”

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