Bedfordshire FA chief executive in racist joke shame

THE chief executive of Bedfordshire Football Association is considering his future after spreading a racist joke via email.

Peter Brown forwarded the offensive email to two other people from his work address in what he has since called “an error of judgement” he sincerely regrets.

On Friday, the FA complained to UEFA about racist abuse from Bulgaria fans directed at England’s Ashley Young, who is from Stevenage, and Theo Walcott during Friday’s Euro 2012 qualifier in Sofia.

Mr Brown said: “I am disappointed that my error will embarrass the FA at the time of the concern over the match in Bulgaria.

“I am deeply saddened that 15 seconds of bad judgement is tarnishing all my previous work for football.”

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He referred to his actions as “a silly mistake” and said “I apologise unreservedly to the FA , my county FA and everyone in football.”

He continued: “I particularly apologise to the ethnic community and the football teams.

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“I am proud of our work at the Bedfordshire FA on equality matters which saw us awarded the FA’s Foundation Level Equality Standard recently.

“I am grateful for the support I have received from colleagues and friends, many from the ethnic community, who know me and are confident that this is a mistake on my behalf and does not show a racist attitude.

“I am due to retire next year and part of my work programme at the moment is to carry out a review of the Beds FA workforce, including the recruitment of my replacement. I would like to be able to complete that work, to pass the association on, but will consider the situation over the next few days as I receive further advice.”

* See next week’s Comet for the full story.

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