BBQ sets Stevenage homes on fire

Two homes caught fire on Saturday after a barbecue set a garden fence alight.

Fire crews were called to the semi-detached houses on York Road, Stevenage shortly after 5.30pm where they found the dividing fence well alight and fire spreading to the outside of the buildings.

Firefighters put out the flames before checking the properties for hot spots that could reignite. Blue Watch declared the fire out at 6.12pm.

No-one was hurt in the incident.

Stevenage Fire Station commander Tony Robinson warned anyone planning a barbecue to site it away from fences, sheds, trees or buildings, to have a bucket of water or hose on hand, and never to use non-proprietary fire lighters such as petrol or white spirit.

He added coals should be left to go out overnight before being disposed of.