Five things you need to know when fitting a new bathroom

At their Stevenage based showroom, Bathroom Builders UK have a range of suites for customers to expl

At their Stevenage based showroom, Bathroom Builders UK have a range of suites for customers to explore - Credit: Archant

When considering a new bathroom design it can be difficult to know how best to approach the fitting and installation. Here Bathroom Builders UK showroom manager Brad Gillians shares his advice on how to tackle fitting a new bathroom.

It can be difficult online to work out if the bathroom installations will fit the room, which is why

It can be difficult online to work out if the bathroom installations will fit the room, which is why is helps to see it in person - Credit: Archant

1. Common mishaps

"One of the key issues is ensuring there is enough space and that the products won't overcrowd the room," says Brad. "Without seeing the fittings and fixtures first it can be hard to judge their size in comparison with the space you've got available."

Another common mishap is forgetting to leave leftover space for piping. It's important to remember that pipes need space behind walls, or you'll need fitted boxes to conceal them. Without this, the room can look messy and unfinished.

Homeowners don't always think about these problems, which is why it is a good idea to meet with an expert. Bathroom Builders UK offer customers a consultation where they can give advice on the best products and layouts.

Sink and bath showroom fitting, based in Stevenage

Sink and bath showroom fitting, based in Stevenage - Credit: Archant

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2. Look around a bathroom showroom

Visiting a showroom first can help avoid some of these common mishaps. Looking through and measuring products can help you to avoid buying over-sized fittings.

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"When looking at options online, it can be difficult to know what you are buying, especially in regards to the finish and quality of products. They are not always what you expect," says Brad.

Visiting a bathroom showroom allows you to explore different designs and bathroom fittings and reduces the risk that something won't fit or look right. Bathroom Builders UK have a showroom in Stevenage which is open six days a week and has more than 45 full bathroom suites for customers to explore.

3. How to design a bathroom

There are several important considerations to take into account when designing a bathroom: What are your requirements for the room? Are you looking for a modern bathroom or something traditional? What size is the room? Asking these types of questions will help you to decide what bathroom fittings will suit your needs. Bathroom Builders UK offer a three dimensional design service that showcases a range of options and products. "It allows us to try out different designs and layouts tailored to our clients' needs," says Brad. "It lets people see which products will best fit the space and what will work best for them."

4. Which bathroom installers should I use?

Developing a good working relationship with your bathroom fitters will help you navigate any problems and ensure you are getting what you want.

Bathroom Builders UK are a family-run company, meaning they take each project personally and stay with customers from the beginning until the very end. They are also an environmentally responsible company that prioritise protecting and contributing to the local communities they serve.

5. How much does bathroom installation cost?

It can be difficult to know exactly where to save on a bathroom remodel. The cost of installation changes depending on what bathroom fittings are bought and what size room is being fitted.

"Every job is different - there is no one way to save but working with a professional who can assess your situation and work with you to get the best value for money can help," explains Brad.

Using the same company for all parts of the journey can help keep cost down. Bathroom Builders UK offer a complete service covering all aspects required for a complete bathroom installation. Doing a project on your own can be hard, which is why Bathroom Builders projects are fully managed and they arrange everything for you.

For more information or to receive a quotation visit or call 01438 900195.

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