Bank’s financial donation to Hitchin support charity for teens is a cause for cash celebration

Banking on your support: the giant contribution is handed over to the Phase team at the Santander br

Banking on your support: the giant contribution is handed over to the Phase team at the Santander branch offices in Brand Street, Hitchin.

A youth-based support trust working with schools and churches in Hitchin to make a positive impact on young lives is grateful for a four figure donation from a bank.

Santander UK have given the charity Phase £5,000 to update their IT systems which are essential to the organisation’s smooth running – allowing them to continue to help improve the mental health and emotional wellbeing of young people across the town.

The bank raised the money through their Community Plus grant which is available to charities to cover salaries, equipment or materials.

A spokesman said: “Santander’s generous support will see Phase continue to use every penny donated to support young people across Hitchin.

“Phase is making a difference.

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“For example a 13-year-old called Laura had been struggling for a while, but had not previously engaged with any support offered.

“She found it really hard to talk to people about how she felt.

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“Last term everything got too much for her – she took an overdose and ended up in hospital.

“Eventually Laura returned to school and went straight into a Phase assembly that was all about their ‘Let’s Talk’ video.

“During this assembly she was encouraged to come forward and talk to someone about how she was feeling – with the result Laura is now about to start a Phase support group to combat self-harm, and is starting the brave journey of recovery.”

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