Baldock skeletons to feature on BBC2’s History Cold Case

THE skeleton of a Roman woman buried in Baldock with three babies will feature on the BBC2 documentary series History Cold Case on Thursday.

The remains were originally found in 1989 during the construction of the Clothall Common estate.

Applying the latest scientific forensic techniques, Professor Sue Black from the University of Dundee and her assistant Xanthe Mallett will unravel the clues from the burial that took place 1,900 years ago.

How did they all die? Were they related? Who was the man buried a few years later on top of her grave? Were they local or settlers from overseas?

What appeared at first sight to be the uncaring burial of four individuals on the edge of a cemetery turns into a complex and intriguing story.

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DNA analysis, facial reconstruction and radiocarbon dating are used to piece together the puzzle of their lives and deaths, with fascinating results.

The programme, made by Shine TV, features North Herts archaeologists Keith Fitzpatrick-Matthews and Gil Burleigh, as well as leading experts from the British Museum.

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The remains will be on show at Letchworth Museum from Friday, together with images of the excavation and the facial reconstruction used in the programme.

History Cold Case will be shown at 9pm.

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