Baldock school receives government funding for ‘vital’ £3m science block

A headteacher is ‘over the moon’ after hearing his Baldock school have received government funding to build a £3 million science block.

Tim Litchfield, headteacher of Knights Templar School since September, announced plans for the proposal for a new science block at the Weston Way school on Friday.

This is part of £367 million worth of government funding allocated for investment in buildings at more than a thousand schools across the country needing repairs or hoping to expand.

Mr Litchfield said: “We are absolutely over the moon to have been granted the funds to build a new science block and we hope to be open for September 2016.

“Our current science labs are not fit for purpose and while there is some outstanding science teaching going on in the classrooms, to have new, purpose-built spaces will further engage the students in this important area of the curriculum.”

Another school benefitting from the extra government funding is Letchworth special needs academy Woolgrove School.

Headteacher Susan Selley said: “We are absolutely delighted that we are receiving the essential funding needed to repair the school’s leaking roof and to refurbish the failing boilers.”

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Conservative candidate for North East Herts Sir Oliver Heald said: “I am delighted both schools have secured this funding.

“It is the third year that Knights Templar has tried for a new science facility, something which I have written many letters in support of.

“As well as the sixth form block built two years ago, it is part of the plan to regenerate the school.

“Knights Templar is such an exceptional school, with such a strong science department, but the labs were really holding the school back.

“The funding will help ensure that school pupils in the constituency will get a good education at a local school, giving them the skills they need to get on in life.”