Baldock girl celebrates 12th birthday today - 12/12/12

MEET Lucy Kingsley, who is celebrating her 12th birthday today (Wednesday) - the 12/12/12.

The youngster, from Westell Close in Baldock, was born in 2000.

Lucy, who noticed the unusual coincidence first, said: “I think it’s amazing.

“I also figured out that my name consists of 12 letters, as does my two middle names. I also worked out that the first letter of my name is the 12th letter of the alphabet too.”

Lucy, who is a student at Knights Templar School in Baldock, celebrated the day with friends.

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Mum Debbie Kingsley said: “We have always commented on how easy Lucy’s birthday is to remember and work out her age from the current year, so there was never an excuse for family to forget what with it being so close to Christmas.

“However, we never worked out quite how unique it would end up being or placed any extra significance on it – until Lucy commented on it and established the other links she has to the number 12.”

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She added: “As her birthday falls so close to Christmas it is easy for it to be overshadowed by other preparations, so things like when to put up Christmas decorations have always been left up to her to decide so she realises that her day is just as special to us.

“She often bemoans the fact that she has to wait all year to get presents and celebrate, and then gets everything within a couple of weeks. Think it is fair to say that this year’s will be all the more memorable and special.

“She is very excited about the fact that she won’t be celebrating this particular date again.”

Lucy and her family will be celebrating the day on Saturday by watching the new Hobbit film in 3D.

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