Baldock drivers protest over parking restrictions in the town

Steve Foulds by the electric charging point

Steve Foulds by the electric charging point - Credit: Archant

Eight people have been issued fines for parking in electric charging points since they were introduced to a Baldock car park, North Herts District Council has confirmed.

Two spaces have been set aside for electric charging at the Twitchell car park in the town centre since they were introduced two months ago, but complaints have been made that they never get used.

Steve Foulds, who works in the town, said the whole parking system needs an overhaul.

He said: “I’m all for electric charging points, as we will probably all be fighting for a space to charge in 10 years time, and I’m all for green thinking.

“However, you can only park in the High Street for two hours before you have to move your car, which is a nightmare.

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“It’s like playing musical chairs, you have to set your out of office after parking for just under two hours, then make a dash for it to find a space.

“With the added pressure of potential development of the town and an increase in housing, it’s only going to become harder to find a space.”

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An office administrator, who lives and works in the town but asked to remain anonymous, said: “There’s nowhere to park in the town. The car park is full of commuters, and you can’t pay even if you want to because there’s never a space.

“It’s a battle for a place to park but the two spaces for electric cars never get used. Cars are parking in them and getting parking tickets.

“With a two hour limit for parking in the High Street, I have to ask my boss to move my car half way through the morning, which isn’t ideal. They should extend it to four hours so you can pop out on your lunch break.”

Yet Councillor Michael Muir, who represents the town on the district council, disputes claims that it’s a struggle to find a space.

He said: “There are plenty of places to park in the town.

“I for one have never had an issue finding a place to park. It’s only 50p for three hours to park in the Twitchell car park, so if people break the rules, then they are punished and must face getting fined.”

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