Bailey the puppy rehomed following Comet appeal

A PUPPY who was abandoned at a boarding kennels after his owner never returned to collect him has got a new home, thanks to an appeal by The Comet.

Twelve-month-old Staffordshire bull terrier Bailey was left at Country Boarding Kennels in Baldock by a man who claimed he was temporarily homeless.

The pup was at the kennels for five weeks with no contact from the owner, and there were worries that he would have to be put down if a suitable home could not be found

But following an appeal in The Comet, Bailey went home with new owners Tracey Bottoms and Gary Morrison on Sunday.

“I saw the appeal in The Comet, so phoned up and made some enquiries,” said Tracey, who lives in Saffron Close, Arlesey.

“The lady I spoke to said there were quite a few people interested, but unfortunately couldn’t do anything because they had small children or other dogs.

“We had been talking about getting a dog, so it all came together at the right time.

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“Bailey has been as good as gold. He likes laying on the sofa, getting fussed, and going for walks.”

Kennel owner Jeremy Burrowes said the appeal had attracted dozens of phonecalls from interested families.

“We probably had up to 50 calls which is surprising given that Staffordshires are notoriously difficult to rehome,” he said.

“I think it has turned out to be good, but we wouldn’t want it to be repeated. We are all hoping now that it will work out in the long run.”