Audio Review: Torchwood: Ghost Train


WITH a new series of the sci-fi drama due to hit our screens in July, here’s another chance to catch up with the exploits of Cardiff’s finest extraterrestrial investigators before the devastating events of Children of Earth, which cost them the life of colleague Ianto Jones…

Focusing on Gwen Cooper’s husband Rhys, whose alter ego Kai Owen actually narrates this tale, what starts of as a mystery surrounding missing fridges soon expands to involve a midnight train pulling into an abandoned platform at Cardiff Station, with a strange cargo of its own onboard.

Meanwhile, Torchwood have been investigating a pattern of strange deaths, with radios ordering murders and SatNavs telling drivers to run people over, little knowing how these events are linked to Rhys’ mysterious train, a train which has come from a destroyed world…

Unlike your more traditional Torchwood stories, there’s a lot of jumping around in time in this story, and it’s a far cry from the more grounded focus of Children of Earth. But don’t let that put you off as this is actually a first-rate drama which challenges the listener to keep track of the complicated events unfolding on their headphones, and proves once again that Torchwood is one of the stand-out UK sci-fi series of modern times.

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