Audio Review: Torchwood: Department X


THE title may suggest a covert branch of the British government, but it’s actually a lot cleverer than that. This latest instalment of Torchwood action finds the team investigating GR Owen, the last of Cardiff’s old department stores, going undercover to determine why customers are disappearing… But what goes on behind the shutters at night, and who are the mysterious Administrators? Captain Jack, Gwen and Ianto are running out of time to find out the answers before the store closes forever…

Unlike the darker tones of Children of Earth, this is “old school” Torchwood, with much in common with the first two seasons of the show. It’s also likely to be the last time the late Ianto Jones features in any Torchwood spin-off, as future adventures are more likely to be based on the format of the new US co-production.

Not up to the standard of Ghost Train, Department X is still an entertaining enough romp, and a good aperitif before Torchwood returns in earnest later this year.

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