AUDIO: Mysterious noise in Hitchin

Hitchin residents were left wondering what the noise is

Hitchin residents were left wondering what the noise is - Credit: Archant

A MYSTERIOUS “clanging” noise in the night has left residents puzzled.

The noise, which has been heard in the Walsworth and Willian Road area of Hitchin at the weekend, was recorded by residents in the night.

Kelli Windebank, who lives in St Michaels Road, contacted the Comet to ask if anyone could identify it.

She says she has been woken up two Sundays in a row by the noise.

“I have no idea what it is,” she said.

“I’ve got a recording, but it doesn’t show how loud it is.”

The noise has also been heard in Purwell and Willian Road.

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And resident Kate Rayner claimed she heard it in Walsworth.

“It’s so loud,” she said.

There have been suggestions the noise may be something to do with the railway track – but it is not known exactly what.

Hear a clipping of the noise – which is supposedly a lot quieter on this recording – by clicking here

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