Audio: Band’s jingle played on Radio 1 by Fearne Cotton

A COUNTRY band who hand delivered a jingle and cake to one of BBC Radio 1’s most famous faces had their just desserts when the 30 second ditty was played to an audience of millions.

Ryan Thomas and Dan Edwards, two members of Bedfordshire based CC Smugglers, drove down to the BBC’s London studio last Friday with a copy of a jingle they had recorded after Fearne Cotton jokingly mentioned starting a country music show in the week.

The guitarist and stand up bassist wrote and recorded the short song, with their band mates, on Thursday night and baked the DJ a cake to sweeten the deal.

Although Mr Thomas, of Clifton Road Shefford, says he doesn’t “know what the cake was all about”.

The duo arrived at the London studio at 6.45am having set off at 5am and waiting in the cold for about an hour and a half to meet the celebrity.

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Mr Thomas said: “She quickly jumped out of her car wearing sunglasses and we got over there quickly and said ‘can we give you this cake’ and she said something like ‘you know I like cake’.

“She seemed nice and we mentioned to her that we had recorded a jingle and we told her it was in the cake tin.”

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After delivering the package personally to the DJ the band mates were driving back home and were listening to her show, but were doubtful their recording would be played.

“The shows are pretty planned and we didn’t think she would have time to listen to it.

“We were just hoping that she would say something about us dropping off the cake and she just played it,” said the 23-year-old.

However despite the effort of writing a jingle, recording the track, travelling to London and waiting in the cold Mr Thomas says it was the adversity that made it worthwhile.

He said: “It’s pretty cool that we recorded it the night before and went on a mission.

“When they played the track, it made the whole thing worthwhile and it’s good that so many people heard our name and the jingle.”

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