Aspiring Biggleswade magician, 15, speaks to the Comet

Aspiring magician Mitchell Kettlewell.

Aspiring magician Mitchell Kettlewell. - Credit: Archant

We spoke to Mitchell Kettlewell, 15, about his passion for magic.

How long have you been interested in magic for and how did you start?

I’ve been performing magic for five years now. It all began at my school, Stratton Upper School. It was a thing that everyone was doing but I never really fitted in with people – I was a really shy kid. Then I started doing magic along with a lot of others to fit in. I grew in confidence and people stopped doing it, but I was so passionate that I continued and I’m still doing it today.

Who were your inspirations in the world of magic?

I guess my first inspiration was Dynamo, as I began magic around the same time his first series – Magician Impossible – aired. Paul Daniels was also a huge inspiration before he sadly passed away.

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What are your proudest moments as a magician?

My proudest moment as a magician is a difficult one to answer as I feel proud every time I astonish people. If I had to pin-point one specific time it would probably be when I raised £467 for Children in Need.

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What do your friends and family think of your talents?

My friends and family are very supportive of me any magic. However, I think it may get on there nerves a little because I’m always coming up with new ideas and practising!

What sort of charity work have you done with your magic?

As well as my work for Children in Need, I have also raised money for Lawnside Lower School at the annual summer fetes as well as £130 for Sport Relief during a show I organised at Stratton Upper School.

What do you enjoy most about performing?

The thing I most enjoy about performing is the reaction at the end of it. The astonished look on people’s faces is just brilliant and I love giving people that moment of wonder. Also a lot of the time things take a turn and I think on my feet to make the effect. Sometimes even I don’t know what I’m going to perform.

What are your favourite pieces of magic?

My favourite thing to perform is probably one where I use my intuition to guess somebody’s pin code (for entertainment purposes only). Also there’s one that I do with a borrowed bank note where I change it to an impossible souvenir for them to keep. I also love a routine revolving around a song list. If people want to know what the bank note and the song list effects are they’ll have to see me perform. My next show is at Biggleswade Splash Park on June 25...

How do you want to use your skills in later life?

In the future, I would use my confidence that I’ve gained from being a magician in everyday life. I used to be one of the shyest kids around. Looking at me now you wouldn’t be able to tell. I’d like to one day work on television for magicians to help them come up with things to perform on their shows.

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