Arlesey town councillor resigns after concerns he raised ‘fell on deaf ears’

Arlesey Town Council chairman Mick Holloway.

Arlesey Town Council chairman Mick Holloway. - Credit: Archant

An Arlesey town councillor has confirmed this morning that he has resigned from his position after concerns he raised ‘fell on deaf ears’.

Jason Auburn was elected to Arlesey Town Council in May as a member of Independents for Arlesey, a group which took control of the council with the aim of getting away from party politics.

But Jason, who also served on the previous town council, announced on the Arlesey UK Facebook page this morning that he would be stepping down from his position.

“I would like to confirm before any rumours begin – which is inevitable, it’s Arlesey after all – that I have resigned from my position as town councillor for Arlesey Town Council with immediate effect,” he said.

“I have raised concerns with this council about the way matters are dealt with and the behaviour of certain councillors, which fell on deaf ears.

“I can not morally be part of something I no longer believe in.

“I am disappointed for the residents who voted for change but having served on the previous council and the current I see very little difference.

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“There are some good people on this council and I wish them well and hope they live up to the expectation they set and achieve great things for the community.”

Former Arlesey Town Council chairman Nick Daniels said: “I have sympathy for Jason and as far as I’m aware he has stepped down as a matter of principle.

“But what is going on in Arlesey Town Council is unacceptable. There is a lack of openness and a lack of transparency.

“He has done what Chris Gravett should do.”