Arlesey Town Council chairman remains optimistic his group are best placed to serve town

Arlesey Town Council chairman Mick Holloway.

Arlesey Town Council chairman Mick Holloway. - Credit: Archant

The chairman of Arlesey Town Council believes his group of councillors are the best people to serve the town, despite two members announcing their resignation in the space of three hours last week.

Both Jason Auburn and Kathy Lindskog were elected to Arlesey Town Council in May as members of Independents for Arlesey, a group which took control of the council with the aim of getting away from party politics.

But their time on the newly-formed council was short-lived after both announced their resignation via Facebook page ‘Arlesey UK’ on Thursday morning, October 22.

Jason said: “I have raised concerns with this council about the way matters are dealt with and the behaviour of certain councillors, which fell on deaf ears.

“I can not morally be part of something I no longer believe in.

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“I am disappointed for the residents who voted for change but having served on the previous council and the current I see very little difference.

“There are some good people on this council and I wish them well and hope they live up to the expectation they set and achieve great things for the community.”

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Kathy said: “It is with great sadness that I have resigned – I have only taken this decision after much soul searching.

“I feel that I am unable to fulfil the promises I made in my manifesto and to be the councillor I wanted be.

“I apologise to all residents, especially those who took the time to vote for me.

“I will continue to try to be active and help to make Arlesey a better place for us all to live.

“Please do not hesitate to contact me if you feel there is anyway that I may be of help. I wish the council well for their work in the future.”

Mick Holloway, who is chairman of Arlesey Town Council, said: “These are challenging times, but I am still very optimistic that this council will be able to serve Arlesey very effectively going forward.

“There is so much going on in Arlesey and I think we have covered a lot of ground.

“I was sad to see Jason and Kathy go because they have made an excellent contribution to the council.

“I have worked on various projects with Jason – who also served on the previous council – such as Arlesey Remembers You and the Neighbourhood Plan.

“I have known Kathy for a shorter period of time, but she has been very focused and a real asset to the council.”

If you would like to put your name forward for one of the vacant positions, please visit for more details. If 10 people do not come forward by November 11, the posts will be filled by co-option.

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