Arlesey council meeting labelled a ‘joke’ after masterplan not discussed

The Arlesey Masterplan was not discussed on Tuesday

The Arlesey Masterplan was not discussed on Tuesday - Credit: Archant

A council meeting has been described as a “joke” after councillors and members of the public were unable to discuss plans which will shape the future of a town.

A consultation is currently underway on the Arlesey Masterplan which includes proposals to build 1,000 new homes, as well as retail units, a small supermarket and a new school.

The proposed development is a bone of contention with many in the town and was expected to be discussed at a meeting of Arlesey Town Council on Tuesday but was only included on the chairman’s announcements and not on the agenda itself.

As such, town council chairman Nick Daniels said it could not be discussed by councillors or members of the public who had attended.

After learning the matter was not up for discussion, Cllr David West said: “Something needs to be done about this now. I think we should breach the rules and discuss it because it is a breach that this issue was not on the agenda.”

Cllr Chris Gravett agreed and said the matter must be discussed before the consultation ends on December 16.

A number of other councillors echoed these views and several minutes of debate ensued before a compromise was reached.

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A motion by Cllr Daniels was subsequently agreed for an emergency planning meeting to take place next week to discuss the matter.

Several members of the public also voiced their objections on the night.

Sandra Sarll, of Mill Lane, said: “It’s a joke. They just argue and nothing ever gets discussed. They’ve never even had a vote on it and why? Because nobody supports it apart from the council leader.”

Steve Maddox, who lives in Stotfold Road, said: “Hardly anyone is in favour of the development. The council have never held a vote on the issue but once they asked councillors to raise their hands if they agreed with it and only two did.”

The Comet asked Cllr Daniels why the plans were not put on the agenda prior to the meeting, but he had not responded at the time of going to press.

The emergency meeting will be held at Arlesey Town Hall on Tuesday, December 10, at 7pm.

Copies of the Arlesey Masterplan are available to view at Arlesey Town Council’s offices and at Arlesey Community Centre. Alternatively visit