‘Approved plans for Arlesey relief road are smack in the face for community’

Arlesey Town Council chairman Mick Holloway

Arlesey Town Council chairman Mick Holloway - Credit: Archant

Approved plans to build only a section of relief road as part of a large-scale development in Arlesey have been described as a ‘smack in the face for the community’.

Despite being met with four pages of objections from Arlesey Town Council, plans have been agreed by Central Bedfordshire Council to build a section of road connecting the High Street to the A507 and their associated junctions.

The road – which would be connected to the High Street by a mini roundabout and to the A507 by a new roundabout junction – would provide access for development on land east of the High Street.

The proposed development is part of the adopted Arlesey Cross Masterplan, which includes 900 homes, a supermarket, a care facility, shops, a surgery, a GP surgery and a lower school.

In addition to the town council, the application was objected to by 23 people from Arlesey, with only two speaking out in favour of the proposal – one of whom was an agent from the unitary authority.

Mick Holloway, who chairs the town council, said: “This application was for part of the full relief road described in the masterplan as intended to relieve congestion on the notorious High Street.

“By granting permission to just a section of the road, no relief whatsoever is achieved – in fact the High Street will become far more congested according to locals who live, work and travel in Arlesey.

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“The town council did request for the High Street to be protected from construction traffic, for the road not to be opened until the western section of the relief road was approved and for construction to start from the A507 as opposed to the High Street.

“These proposed conditions were dismissed without any justifiable reason.

“It is yet another smack in the face for the community of Arlesey.”

A Central Beds Council spokesman said: “The development of this road would represent a contribution to bringing forward the delivery of the town’s planned housing allocation and the adopted Arlesey Cross Masterplan.

“The proposed road will enable residential, employment, extra care, retail, community and education development to come forward contributing to the creation of homes, jobs, services and facilities in Arlesey.”