Appeal for Good Samaritan who came to aid of Stevenage teen

Cheyenne Garratt, pictured with her mum Chandra Green, is recovering

Cheyenne Garratt, pictured with her mum Chandra Green, is recovering - Credit: Archant

A GOOD samaritan who came to the rescue of a teenager in distress is being hunted so he can be thanked properly.

Cheyenne Garratt, 16, from Mildmay Road, Stevenage, was coming home from working at The Highwayman near Graveley last Saturday. She was turning into North Road at 11.15pm when she came off her moped on the ice.

The Marriotts School pupil hurt her knee and couldn’t pick up her moped, but a man passing in the other direction saw her crying, turned his car around and helped her.

Mum Chandra Green said: “He pulled up behind her and said he was on his way home to Baldock but asked if she needed medical help.

“Although she had hurt herself quite badly, adrenaline kicked in. She was in shock and said she just wanted to go home.”

The man then offered to follow Cheyenne to the top of Mildmay Road in Stevenage to make sure she got home safely. She tried to pay him some money for petrol but he would not accept it.

Cheyenne said: “When I got in my mum asked if I had got his name. I just didn’t think, you don’t know where your head is at the time. I really regret not asking what his name was, he was really nice.”

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Chandra added: “All we know is that he was driving a white car and my daughter thinks he is in his mid twenties and may have owned a bike. We spent the night at A&E and she now has a very bruised and swollen left knee.

“I would love to find this person just to say thank you. I am so grateful for him stopping and making sure my Cheyenne was ok and got home. I really appreciated what he did for my daughter.”

Do you know the mystery good samaritan? Contact the news desk on 01438 866200.