Anger over kerbside collection snub

A COUNCIL has been criticised for arguing that introducing kerbside plastic recycling collections should “not be explored” any further.

North Herts District Council (NHDC) was asked to look into the possibility of introducing the service after support from local environmental groups, residents and councillors.

But NHDC has said that it would be “operationally and financially difficult” and should not be a priority in its waste and recycling scheme.

Cllr Judi Billing said that people she had spoken to had cited it as one of the biggest concerns in the area.

She added: “I’m absolutely appalled. Most councils in Hertfordshire and indeed the country offer a kerbside plastic collection service, so why NHDC can’t is beyond me.

“People are expected to use petrol to drive to recycling banks, which is just ridiculous.”

North Herts Friends of the Earth has campaigned for the introduction of plastics recycling. It said that it was disappointed by the council’s recommendation.

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Member Vicky Wyer said: “We are disappointed, and reject the idea that providing too many recycling receptacles puts people off recycling. People who currently recycle their plastics are already collecting them to take to the bring banks.

“The key motivation in reducing waste should not merely be to prevent it from going to landfill, but also to prevent the loss of valuable materials in an era where resources need to be conserved and emissions reduced.”

Cllr David Billing has asked for the matter to go to scrutiny committee, so that it can be properly looked at.

He said: “I raised the fact this wasn’t going anywhere but Cabinet, when full council passed the motion. I’ve been told that scrutiny will ask Cabinet to refer it to full council, although we don’t know if they will agree.

“It’s still a question mark. But it’s what people are asking for.”

A final decision is to be made at next week’s Cabinet meeting, with the recommendation that it should not go through.

Cllr Peter Burt, NHDC portfolio holder for waste and recycling said: “The report highlights a number of important financial, operational and environmental issues that Cabinet need to look at when deciding on whether to implement a kerbside plastics recycling service for North Hertfordshire.

“The report seems to take a sensible approach and I look forward to discussing the findings further with councillors next week, when a formal decision will be taken.”