Anger as council approve controversial waste site

A waste processing site with the capacity to manage 100,000 tonnes of industrial scrap a year has been given the green light by a council despite opposition from a neighbouring community who say it will blight their lives.

Plans for the waste recycling centre on Green Belt land at Jacks Hill near Graveley were approved by Herts County Council at a meeting of the development control committee today (Tuesday). Approval was granted by the chairman’s casting vote, after an initial rejection and then a hung vote by members.

The decision, subject to approval by the government, will mean up to 57 lorries a day bringing metal, aggregate, timber, plastic, glass and electrical products into a shed a quarter the size of a football pitch. The site would be open from Monday to Saturday from as early as 7am to as late as 6pm.

Angry residents of the 49 parked homes on Jacks Hill Park next door to the proposed site slammed the decision. The mainly retired residents of Jacks Hill Park oppose the plan by Greener Recycling Solutions on grounds that the noise, dust and traffic from the site will make their lives a misery, as well as bring down house prices.

Eddy Quince, spokesman for the almost 100-strong group said the decision by the council was a “travesty of justice”.

“I can’t believe the total disarray the council were in. It was an absolute farce,” Mr Quince said.

“The vote was cast initially and that’s how it should have stood. But they rubbished that. I’ve not been to a meeting like it.

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“They just wanted to push it through. I’m mortified. We all are. It’s an unmitigated planning disaster.

“We’ve already got one recycling centre up the road, just within half a mile. We are going to be the recycling capital of North Herts. I think that’s rough justice for us.”

He said residents would carry on the fight by appealing to the Secretary of State with the ultimate decision over the plan.