Budding poet pens positive rhyme for those struggling in lockdown

Amerie from Letchworth

Amerie, 7, has written a poem to lift people's spirits during lockdown - Credit: Amy Barber

A budding writer from Letchworth has penned a poem to spread some positivity in the latest lockdown.

Seven-year-old Amerie has been at home with mum Amy Barber, working hard to keep up with her school work.

poem by Amerie

Amerie, 7, has written a lockdown poem - Credit: Amy Barber

As part of one of her lessons, Amy tasked Amerie with practising her writing skills with a poem. 

Amy said: "We have been working hard during lockdown on homeschooling but decided that in one of our lessons we would write a poem about the current pandemic. 

"Amerie is creative and positive and wrote the poem to uplift other people during these times.

"I sent her poem to friends and family who have been forwarding it on, and her school has put it on the school website and is getting amazing feedback.

"Her grandad has been sending it to his friends and she has received comments from friends from Scotland to say how much they enjoyed it.

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"Amerie said she can’t believe how lovely everyone’s comments have been and she’s happy that it’s uplifted so many people.

"We hope it can uplift as many people as possible and you enjoy reading it."

Amerie's poem reads: 

Just a poem from me to say, corona isn't here to to stay
It might be hard but find a way,  
To positively seize the day
It seems like forever but when it ends,  
You'll see your family and your friends, 
We're at home completing tasks, 
And in the shops we're wearing masks,  
Mums and dads all work from home, whilst others isolate alone  
So wash your hands and take good care,
Stay Indoors and don't despair,  
I hope you liked my title tune,
Good bye for now I'll see you soon. 

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