'Inspirational' Amaya's Little Bags of Love aim to make as many people smile as possible

Amaya Field holding bag of love

Five-year-old Amaya has been creating Bags of Love to distribute to Feed Up Warm Up, Haven First and NHS doctors and nurses - Credit: Samantha Field

A five-year-old girl from Stevenage has been raising money to make "Little Bags of Love" for teachers, carers, the homeless and Lister staff - after kicking things off by using her own money from the tooth fairy. 

Amaya Thompson, who has a "heart of gold", started off her fundraising efforts because she wanted to help the homeless community in Stevenage.

Amaya Field with her asda donation

Amaya has raised more than £1,000 to put together her "Bags of Love" to distribute to those in need - Credit: Samantha Field

So, using her money from the tooth fairy, she created 20 goodie bags - filled with sweet and savoury snacks, plasters, a toothbrush, and more - to give to Feed Up Warm Up and Haven First to distribute to their service users.

Ricky Amaya and Shane Feed Up Warm UP

Amaya donated her goodie bags to Feed Up Warm Up's drop in in Stevenage - Credit: Samantha Field

Now, she is taking on sponsored walks, litter picks, and a "stair challenge", with the aim of reaching her initial £500 fundraising goal and continue to spread some joy.

Since setting up her fundraising page on Monday, she has more than doubled her target. Her current total sits at £1,115.

 Amaya field

Amaya is set to take on sponsored walks and more to raise as much as she can - Credit: Samantha Field

The money will be used to make more Bags of Love for doctors and nurses at Lister Hospital, as well as for elderly and vulnerable members of the community and the teachers at her school. 

Proud mum Samantha Field told the Comet: "She's just inspirational. It started because she got money from the tooth fairy after losing two teeth, and said she didn't know what to spend it on.

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"I asked her what she would like - and she said 'maybe we can give it to the homeless'."

Amaya field outside asda after receiving a donation

Asda in Stevenage donated some products for Amaya to add to her Little Bags of Love - Credit: Samantha Field

"She's only five and she's so thoughtful. Me, her dad and her grandparents are just so proud of her, and so overwhelmed with how well it's going."

Amaya has said her goal is "to make as many people smile as possible". 

The Asda supermarket in the town has also donated goods to Amaya to include in the goodie bags, including deodorants, dry shampoo and cleansing wipes.

Samantha added: "She understands how lucky we are - especially as we have seen what's going on on the TV. I try to remind her that there are children who can't just go to the cupboard and get a snack.

"She is just wonderful, and inspirational. This idea and everything has all come from her."

To donate to Amaya's efforts, go to justgiving.com/crowdfunding/samantha-field.