A week in the life of a Baldock carer: Thursday diary entry

A WOMAN whose life was changed forever when her husband suffered brain damage in a microlight accident more than a decade ago is providing a daily insight into her life as a carer. Here’s her entry for Thursday.

Usual start to day - cup of tea in bed plus medication, then I shave, wash and dress my husband. After breakfast I then prepared his flasks of coffee and some fruit for lunch before I went to Headway. I volunteer here four days a week doing various tasks - this has been vital to me over the years as it allows me to be me not just someone’s carer.

This afternoon my husband had an appointment at a cancer clinic for a check up. We arrived early to try to get into disabled parking area, not a chance. In the main car park there is very little information about blue badge holders costs as full payment is expected if you cannot get into disabled bay.

However apparently if you pay the minimum amount of �2.90 and show your badge in window you can in fact leave the car there all day at no extra cost. If you are on benefits (not DLA) you can reclaim cost of travel and parking inside hospital, however you need to take the parking ticket as proof so you need to give your registration to the car park attendant in their office (near shuttle-bus stop) before leaving car park area. Of course, we found this out the hard way and needless to say I had another form to fill in and send off to reclaim payment. The appointment only took a few minutes, trying to get to clinic took ages and no way was I pushing my husband back again in his wheelchair from the car park after getting information on what I should have done to claim the parking fee on day.

At least while giving blood at 5pm I was able to have a lie down and relax.

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