A-LEVEL RESULTS: Marriotts School, Stevenage

IT was “a record breaking year of passes” at Marriotts School as all students applying for university got their places.

All Year 13 pupils at the Stevenage school achieved at least one pass at A*-E with almost 50 per cent of grades at A*-C.

“Marriotts School is very proud of the achievements of all its students in their recent A-level and BTEC examinations,” said headteacher Patrick Marshall.

“It is a credit to the hard work put in by them and their teachers and they are all to be heartily congratulated.

“I am delighted with the record breaking year of passes and the outstanding results, but I predict they will do even better next year.”

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Top performers included Alex Yates (A and two Bs), who will be studying History at Kent, Natasha Linge (A, B and C) who will be reading History at Anglia Ruskin and Mick Webber (A, B and C) who will be studying Zoology at Reading.

Other high-fliers were Katie Barker (two Bs and C), Ryan McQueen (B and two Cs), Amy White (B and two Cs), Charlie Hamilton (two As, two Cs and D), Timothy Milne (two As and C), Gerry Holloran (two As and two Ds), Alisha Grist (two As, C and D), Will Reddish (two As and D), Shauna Byrne (three As and E), Bradley Sapsford (three As) and Mary Milman-Sandford (two As and C)

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Stand out performers in Year 12 were Laura Stredwick (A, two Bs and C) and Kate Pataccio (two Bs and C).

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