A-LEVEL RESULTS: Hitchin Boys’ School

STAFF and students at Hitchin Boys’ School were “delighted” with their results, which will see most pupils heading off to university.

A*-E grades at the school were achieved in 98 per cent of cases, with 69 per cent A*-C grades, 46 per cent of results A*-B grades and 23 per cent of all results either an A* or A.

Headteacher Martin Brown said: “There were lots of very happy boys here this morning. There’s been an overall upward trend, so we’re very pleased with that.

“The boys started arriving soon after I got to the school at 7am this morning, and the first result was released at 7.30am.

“The vast majority will now go off to university. So far, most people have got either their first or second choice, so we’re very pleased. It’s been a difficult year for those applying.”