A heavy session for Hallowe’en hoisters in Baldock gym

Halloween deadlift event. Credit: Joe Coulson

Halloween deadlift event. Credit: Joe Coulson - Credit: Archant

A truly scary amount of weight was lifted for Hallowe’en in a Baldock barn on Friday.

Weightlifters descended on North Herts Strength and Conditioning to test their muscles and technique in the evening billed The Night of the Living Deadlift.

Gym owner Danny Harris said: “It went really well. People responded well and a lot of information was put over in a small amount of time. We will probably be doing this sort of event every month because it really helps people perfect their technique and gets them moving well.”

The participants warmed up by doing burpees and squats to the sounds of The Police hit Roxanne before they got into the swing of things.

They then practiced their bracing technique, which is vital in ensuring a deadlift is performed correctly.

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More and more weight was then added until lifters reached a maximum of 175kg.

Danny said: “It was a chance to get out quite advanced information to a large group in a short time.

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“We focused on bracing and the finer points of the deadlift which is vital to perfect for anyone doing weights.”

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