�64m Hitchin or Stevenage EuroMillions ticket: Campaign to keep the money local

A CAMPAIGN has been launched on a social networking site urging Camelot to donate the unclaimed �64m EuroMillions winnings to causes in Stevenage and North Herts.

Members of the Old Memories of Stevenage Facebook group want the money to stay local, and have started up a campaign.

The deadline to claim the winnings is 11pm tonight (Wednesday) – no-one has yet come forward.

Speaking to the Comet this week, member of the Facebook group, Allison Cullen, said Lister Hospital and the Herts Air Ambulance were the two main charities people wished to see the money go to.

“If the money remains unclaimed, it shouldn’t go back into the pot or go to charities already funded, it should stay local so it can benefit Stevenage and Hitchin, where the ticket was bought,” she said.

“The hospital and the air ambulance were suggested, and there have been quite a few people saying it’s a brilliant idea.”

She added: “Because of it being Stevenage and Hitchin, we thought keeping it within the hospital would benefit both towns rather than one or the other.”

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Mrs Cullen, as well as a few of the other 2,000 plus members, has written to Camelot to make the suggestion, but has received no response.

But when the Comet spoke to the organisation, it said the money would benefit the whole UK, with the distribution bodies ultimately deciding how and where funding is allocated.

A number of people have come forward believing they may have the winning ticket, but all claims have turned out to be unsuccessful.

• The ticket was for the draw on Friday, June 8, and was believed to have been bought on the Jubilee weekend. The winning numbers are 5, 11, 22, 34, 40, and the Lucky Star numbers are 9 and 11.

If the winner has not come forward, it is the biggest amount in lottery history to be unclaimed.