TV chaser Paul Sinha has praised the response of his Letchworth crowd as they booed a homophobic heckler during his stand up comedy set.

'The Sinnerman' was performing at the Broadway Cinema and Theatre on Saturday (June 8) when a heckler piped up with homophobic abuse towards the 54-year-old comedian. 

He took to X (formerly Twitter) to applaud the crowd's swift response in turning on the heckler, as he was summarily booted from the venue.


He added: "The speed with which the audience turned on him was a thing of beauty".

Social media was full of praise for both Paul and the audiences reaction to the unwelcome interruption.

He told the Comet: "I've had a lot of online love from audience members since Saturday night, but the glory was all theirs.

"They chewed up and spat out the heckler before I had a chance to formulate a plan. In Letchworth, it seems, the biggest sin you can commit is to interrupt someone's evening out."

A spokesperson for the venue said: “A guest at Broadway Cinema and Theatre was ejected from the premises following unacceptable heckling of one of our performers on June 8.

"Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation is committed to creating a regionally distinctive offer that meets the interest of our diverse audiences, and abuse will not be tolerated in any of our venues. 

"We’re pleased to say that this isolated incident was peacefully and efficiently handled by our team, and with the enthusiastic support of the rest of the audience who went on to enjoy the remainder of the sell-out comedy night.”

Paul's comedy tour will continue throughout June and July. 

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