An experimental asthma drug developed by scientists in Stevenage has proved successful in a late-stage trial. 

The drug, called Depemokimab, led to "significant and clinically meaningful reductions" in asthma attacks during a one-year trial involving hundreds of adults and adolescents with severe asthma, GlaxoSmithKline said.

The global biopharma company, which has a site in Stevenage's Gunnels Wood Road, added that the potential for six-month dosing could simplify treatment to support millions of patients with severe asthma.

"This is important as research shows that 73 per cent of physicians believe longer dosing intervals would be beneficial to patients who are often juggling multiple therapies," said Kaivan Khavandi, senior vice president and global head of respiratory/immunology research and development.

Depemokimab is currently not approved anywhere in the world.

The full results of the late-stage trial will be presented at an upcoming scientific congress and will be used to support regulatory submissions to health authorities worldwide.