The newly elected North Herts Council leader has unveiled 'five pledges' as he sets out his stall for the next four years.

Cllr Daniel Allen (Lab, Letchworth Norton) was announced as the new council leader earlier today, following local election results that saw Labour take control of the council as a 'minority administration'.

Labour claimed 25 of the 51 council seats, leaving them just one short of an overall majority.

Cllr Allen has promised to lead with "openness, transparency, and a genuine commitment to the values and needs of our community."

It is in that spirit that he has unveiled his five pledges to the people of North Herts. They are:

Create more opportunities for engagement between the Council and residents.

"We will establish new forums for dialogue, ensuring that your voices are heard and that your ideas shape our decisions. It is only through robust participation that we can truly represent and serve our community."

Protect our environment

"We will do this by collaborating with local groups and rural communities. Embracing innovative recycling opportunities will be a cornerstone of our environmental strategy. Together, we can reduce waste and promote sustainable practices that preserve our beautiful surroundings for future generations."

Save our town centres.

"This means supporting local business improvement districts and trade associations, fostering growth and revitalization. By encouraging entrepreneurship and investing in our local economy, we can breathe new life into our towns, making them vibrant hubs of activity and culture."

Build better homes.

"We will work closely with developers and housing partners, challenging them to adopt practices that reflect our community’s needs and values. Quality housing is a fundamental right, and we will strive to ensure that every new development meets the highest standards of function and sustainability."

Expand opportunities for Good Health.

"We will embed health considerations into all our policies, ensuring that our streets and green spaces are safe and accessible. By promoting active lifestyles and supporting mental well-being, we can create a healthier, happier North Hertfordshire."

Cllr Allen has described his five pledges as a "collective roadmap to a brighter future".