Building the capacity of the voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise sector is at the heart of everything we do.

From developmental support, to training, events, networking and more; we’re here to champion all groups working to improve the lives of those living in the North Herts and Stevenage area.

As a charity ourselves, our board of trustees aid not only in our overall strategic direction, aims, objectives and goals, but also in how we govern and our financial health.

They volunteer their unique expertise and skills, to collectively reach sound decisions and steer all operations.

Being a trustee to a charity is a highly rewarding role, especially for those motivated by a desire to make a positive difference.

If you feel personally moved by a cause or social issue, becoming a trustee could provide you with the opportunity to contribute and deliver social change.

The requirement of most trustees is to attend a set number of board meetings per year – our trustees meet quarterly.

They may also be required to attend other annual meetings too, such as annual general meetings.

Other commitments trustees can usually expect include ensuring the organisation pursues their stated objectives, as defined in their governing documents, as well as complying with all relevant legislation and regulations.

Individually, trustees tend to bring a unique set of skills, experience and background, contributing to the collective knowledge of the board.

Typically, their experience leans into the operational requirements of the charity, as well as the skillset of the existing trustees.

For example, a charity may benefit from a trustee with a fundraising background, or perhaps require a steer on marketing or human resources.

Join us as our newest trustee. We are looking to welcome two new trustees, making our full board of eight.

We are particularly interested in those with skills in fundraising, marketing and HR, as well as the understanding of the challenges around the running of a small, growing charity. Learn more by visiting or by emailing

If you are interested in becoming a trustee for a charity, for a cause delivering change for a social issue you are particularly motivated by, there are several ways to find open positions.

Contacting the charity directly, explaining your desire to help and what you can bring to the board of trustees could open doors to working with that charity.

Alternatively, trustee roles are listed on the countywide volunteer platform, GoVolHerts.

Search your local area, and specifically for trustee roles, to discover the charities looking for operational steer in North Hertfordshire.

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