Stevenage's Standing Order pub is among the worst-rated Wetherspoons in the UK, according to a recent study.

Research conducted by QRFY found that the Old Town establishment has the tenth fewest excellent reviews on Google Reviews.

The Standing Order has 573 five-star reviews, 595 four-star reviews, 354 three-star ratings and 100 two-star ratings. A total of 103 reviewers gave the site just one star.


The worst rated pub in the study is Birmingham's The Atrium, with just 150 five-star reviews.

The ten worst-rated Wetherspoons can be seen below:

  1. The Atrium, Birmingham
  2. The Albany Palace, Wiltshire
  3. The White Swan, London
  4. Grover & Allen, Suffolk
  5. The William Aylmer, Essex
  6. The Flying Horse, West Sussex
  7. The Three Fishes, West Sussex
  8. The Lord Wimborne, Dorset
  9. The Elizabeth of York, West Midlands
  10. The Standing Order, Hertfordshire

A spokesperson for QRFY said: "Wetherspoons is a staple pub across the UK, loved by all age ranges for multiple reasons, such as the affordability, relaxed atmosphere, and consistency."