Family-run takeaway and delivery service Kolay Grill has brought authentic Turkish cuisine to the streets of Stevenage.

The service opened to the public on Friday (May 10) and is located at Unit 29 of Stevenage Enterprise Park 

The Comet attended the takeaway yesterday afternoon (May 14) to try the selection of foods available.

The Comet: The exterior of Kolay Grill in Stevenage.The exterior of Kolay Grill in Stevenage. (Image: Pearce Bates)

Provided with a very generous portion of meats, rice, bread, salad and sigara borek - a type of cheese roll made of pastry - we dug in to the platter..

The traditional charcoal cooking methods were instantly noticeable, with the meat having a unique and flavourful taste.

As someone who spent time in Turkey growing up, finding sigara borek which tasted as good in the UK has been a difficult task. However, Kolay Grill provided the answer.

The Comet: Doner and charcoal-cooked meats are available at the takeaway.Doner and charcoal-cooked meats are available at the takeaway. (Image: Pearce Bates)

The cheese pastry rolls were just as they are served in Turkey, and were particularly enjoyable.

Bulgar wheat and rice completed the dish, along with chillies that were a tad spicy for our taste but would be a pleasant inclusion for others.

Tomatoes and bread helped to provide a cooling taste, in what was a very satisfying meal overall.

The Comet: We received a generous portion of chicken, lamb and rice.We received a generous portion of chicken, lamb and rice. (Image: Pearce Bates)

Charlotte Ruth Nash - one of Kolay Grill's directors - provided an update on how the business is progressing: "We are so proud that after lots of hard work, we have our kitchen up and running and serving the people of Stevenage.

"We've always wanted our food to be of the highest quality, and only five days in we know we've achieved this with five-star reviews on several platforms and several returning customers already.


"We've made our kitchen to the highest standards, and we are starting as we mean to go on. We cook every single meal fresh to order, over charcoal the traditional way.

"We are a halal takeaway, and this we know is something that is important to many in our local community.

The Comet: The sigara borek was particularly flavoursome.The sigara borek was particularly flavoursome. (Image: Pearce Bates)

"Our top secret recipes are proving themselves with lots of social media buzz around us, and our chilli sauce is already becoming renowned."