Reform UK have selected their new parliamentary candidate for Stevenage.

Peter Hopper, a retired businessman, is their new choice, replacing Amodio Amato who was dropped after he allegedly made offensive posts on social media.

Mr Hopper, who has lived in Stevenage for more than 30 years, had previously been selected as the party's candidate for West Suffolk.

Originally from Durham, he has lived in the south of England since he studied for a degree in London in the 1970s.

Recently retired, Mr Hopper previously worked as a commercial director for a large retail company before launching his own consultancy business.

While this is his first time standing for election, he has previously been a member of several other parties, including Labour and the Conservatives.

Mr Hopper told the Comet that he was drawn to Reform UK after concluding that "Britain is broken" and that many politicians from the major parties are in politics "for their own glorification".

He added that he believes "we need a reset of British politics". Policy areas that he pointed to as particularly important include immigration, law and order, the NHS, and housing, particularly for young people.

On Mr Amato being dropped as the candidate, Mr Hopper said that he believes the right decision was made: "If you find inappropriate comments on social media, you've got to quickly deal with it. I think it was dealt with quickly and appropriately."

The general election will be held on Thursday, July 4.

Stevenage: Confirmed parliamentary candidates

Conservative - Alex Clarkson

Green - Paul Dawson

Labour - Kevin Bonavia

Liberal Democrats - Lisa Nash

Reform UK - Peter Hopper