Sitting in his garden, an eagle-eyed Stevenage resident was surprised to see a black shape in the sky with "a glow around it".

He explained: "On Thursday [last week], at around 7.15pm in Broadwater, I was sitting out on my decking in the garden enjoying a glass of wine when I noticed a black dot in the sky. 

"I thought to myself, that looks a bit weird, so I immediately got my phone out and started recording.

The Comet: What do you think it is?What do you think it is? (Image: Michael Potter)

"To the naked eye, it appeared to have a glow around it, and it just silently and very slowly moved across the sky.

"I’m sure it stayed in the same place and hovered for a short moment.

"After watching the video back a few times, I noticed that there was a second black dot in the bottom part of the screen, and I’ve noticed it flies off really fast into the distance, whilst the main one I first saw was still clearly in view.

"The way it was moving, and the glow around it, plus the other object speeding off, made it all a bit weird."