Splash parks across North Herts are set to reopen next month, so now all we need is some decent weather!

The four splash parks run by North Herts Council - Baldock’s Avenue Park, Hitchin’s Bancroft Recreation Ground, Letchworth’s Howard Park, and Royston’s Priory Memorial Gardens - are due to open every day, from 10am to 6pm, from Saturday, May 4, until Sunday, September 8. 

Sarah Kingsley, North Herts Council’s service director for place, said: "We’re excited to be coming into the splashpad season. We know they are popular throughout the district. We just hope we have some decent weather!"

At the same time, café kiosks at Bancroft Recreation Ground and Howard Park will also reopen.

Sarah said: "Bancroft and Howard Park are great places to welcome spring with a hot drink and perhaps a treat, whether you’re taking the kids to the park or are just going for a walk."

If you’re wondering about the outdoor pools, both Hitchin and Letchworth lidos are due to reopen from Saturday, May 25, until Sunday, September 8.