There are plans to create a road linking the north and south car parks at the Roaring Meg Retail Park - recently renamed 9 Yards - in Stevenage, to "greatly improve the convenience of the park for visitors".

A planning application has been submitted to Stevenage Borough Council for permission to create a link between the car parks through the public open space in the middle of the park.

There is an existing road linking the two car parks, but it runs behind the retail units.

A design and access statement accompanying the application says: "The public space is currently underused, and people don’t tend to dwell in the space - it is not a particularly welcoming environment.

"The retail units either side of the space do not spill out onto it, and therefore the space is not animated and feels empty and vacuous.

"There is the opportunity to link the north and south car parks, and allow people to navigate between the two, which would activate the space and create a useful link, thereby improving the public realm."

If approved, the new road will curve through the public space, running between the three existing planters.

A number of raised pedestrian crossings will be provided across the new link, "to aid traffic calming through the space, and ensure good connectivity", the design and access statement says.

The plans also include new seating, landscaped areas, and space for the forthcoming Stevenage Cycle Hire Scheme.

The design and access statement concludes: "The link road will greatly improve the convenience of the park for visitors. At present, when either of the car parks are busy, drivers are forced out onto the public highway, rather than being able to cross within the site.

"The improvements of the link road, as well as the additional features throughout the space, will provide a more active and animated space at the heart of the retail park, which will improve the customer experience of visitors to Roaring Meg."

To view the plans in full and have your say, visit and search for reference 24/00241/FP in the planning portal.