A police officer who allegedly told his junior colleague “I can’t go home like this” while in a state of arousal would have been dismissed had he not already resigned from Hertfordshire Constabulary.

Two police officers, only referred to as PC One and PC Two, have both left the force after engaging in sexual activity on police premises.

In a misconduct process which ended earlier this year, decision-makers agreed the officers could remain anonymous.

The officers exchanged texts “of a sexual nature” in February 2022. PC One also performed oral sex on PC Two while on duty.

PC Two admitted the allegations amounted to a breach of the expected standards of behaviour as set out in the Police Conduct Regulations, a misconduct report noted.

Panel members ruled the female officer – PC One – “had not instigated the events which would eventually lead to misconduct” but she “had many opportunities not to participate”.

The report concluded that had PC One’s actions been known, they could “undermine discipline and good order” or bring “reputational damage” to the force.

She was dismissed without notice.

A police sergeant, identified as PS Four in the report, gave evidence.

The sergeant said: “[PC One] disclosed to me that at the end of the night on February 7, by the changing room lockers, [PC Two] pulled her into the changing rooms.”

They added: “[PC Two] started to kiss [PC One] and she said that she wanted to keep him happy and there was no excuse for what she did, but she did what he had requested.”

PC Two knew PC One was on duty when the incident on February 7 took place, the report suggested.

PS Four added PCs One and Two were crewed together on a date between February 14 and 16.

“[PC Two] started to drive around to find somewhere for them to do stuff,” they said.

“[PC One] told him that she didn’t want to do anything and said ‘no’. [PC Two] got frustrated by this.

“They drove back to St Albans and finished their shift.

“Whilst they were dekitting, [PC Two] had pulled her into the locker room changing area again.

“[PC Two] started to kiss her and she was feeling bad the whole time.”

PS Four added PS Two had undressed PC One and engaged in a sexual activity with her.

The officers’ relationship emerged after PC One told another officer – PC Seven – she had broken up with her boyfriend, another serving police officer on the force who had allegedly “not [been] paying her enough attention”.

Decision-makers noted: “There was some personal mitigation in respect of PC One’s age and that she had been naïve.

“There was some indication that PC One had a desire and some potential to be an officer to the standard required.”

PC Two told the panel: “I’ve lost my family, my son who I only see every other weekend.”

He said the relationship with his partner “was breaking down” in February 2022.

Lawyers on behalf of PC Two told the panel he “had lost a great deal due to his actions”.

The panel found he “had shown some insight and had expressed remorse for his actions”.