In Stevenage in 2022/23, there were 2,900 reported incidents of fly-tipping, but only four fixed penalty notices (FPNs) were issued.

This is by far the lowest rate in Hertfordshire, with an average of one FPN per 725 incidents.

St Albans had the highest rate in the county, with 20 of the 579 reported incidents of fly-tipping resulting in a FPN - an average of one FPN per 29 incidents.

The Comet: Number of fly-tipping incidents per fixed penalty notice in 2022/23.Number of fly-tipping incidents per fixed penalty notice in 2022/23. (Image: Watford Borough Council)

Explaining why so few FPNs have been issued, a spokesperson for Stevenage Borough Council said: "We use other enforcement measures when it comes to dealing with fly-tips, such as serving notices against Stevenage Borough Council tenants and issuing Community Protection Warnings, and where possible we will charge residents for the cost of clearing their fly-tips.

"In 2022/23, 43 per cent of fly-tips reported to our community safety team were traced back to and cleared by the perpetrators, meaning there was no cost to the council."

According to government figures, Stevenage had the second highest rate of fly-tipping in the East of England in 2021/22 - with Peterborough recording the highest rate.

Asked what is being done to tackle and deter fly-tipping in Stevenage, the council spokesperson said: "We have four mobile CCTV cameras at known fly-tipping hotspots across the town, which are dedicated to catching perpetrators, as well as signs up across Stevenage which warn potential offenders of the fines related to fly-tipping.

"We also work closely with the Hertfordshire Fly-tipping Group, and regularly issue guidance to residents on how to dispose of their waste responsibly."

Fly-tipping is dumping rubbish on pavements or on public roads or private land.

Leaving items beside street bins, recycling banks and outside closed recycling centres and charity shops is all fly-tipping.

To report fly-tipping in Stevenage, visit

If the fly-tip is blocking highways and causing an obstruction, call Herts County Council's Highways department on 0300 1234 047.

If Stevenage Borough Council issues a FPN for fly-tipping, the fine is £75, reduced to £50 for early payment.