Mid Bedfordshire's Labour MP Alistair Strathern has called on the Government to make accommodation at MoD Chicksands "fit for heroes", after some shocking findings. 

The government’s own statistics revealed that more than 900 single living accommodation bed spaces were at the worst grades of 3 or 4 - meaning 75 per cent of the base received the worst possible rating.

But, with plans to sell the site by 2030, the Government appears to have no plans to make improvements, much to the disappointment of Mr Strathern, who pressed defence minister Andrew Murrison in the House of Commons to make changes.

The Comet: MoD Chicksands.MoD Chicksands. (Image: Google Maps)

"Our armed forces deserve accommodation fit for heroes. It’s shameful that more than 900 personnel are living in ramshackle housing at Chicksands," said the Mid Beds MP.

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"I’m concerned that rather than improve the housing, the Government are using the bases’ closure as an excuse to let it further decline.

"Anyone who makes the decision to put on a uniform and step forward to serve should expect to live in dignity in decent accommodation, it’s why I pushed the government to do right by these personnel today."

The Comet: Alistair Strathern.Alistair Strathern.

Chicksands was opened shortly before the start of the Second World War, and used as a top-secret Y station, which intercepted and logged coded enemy transmissions during the conflict.

It was leased to the United States Air Force in 1950, but British forces took control of the base in 1995, and it was partially turned into housing, with Central Bedfordshire Council also opening a new headquarters on the site.

Defence Intelligence then used the rest of the site unaffected by housing.