As the Centre for Volunteering and Community Services for North Hertfordshire and Stevenage, we recognise and support the efforts of charities, community and faith groups, social enterprises and more.

Ensuring those working to improve the quality of lives of local people are supported, and that their projects thrive.

Not only do we offer support, guidance and advice to new and established local charities, we operate several of our own as well. Recognising communities and causes that appear underserved, we create services to benefit their well-being.

Since 2022, GoVolHerts has been a one-stop hub for everything volunteering related across Hertfordshire.

Matching volunteers to organisations who rely on the kindness and generosity of the public to deliver their service, GoVolHerts provides a platform for charities to promote their volunteer position and for aspiring volunteers to find it.

Volunteers can search by their geographical location, preferred cause and activity to find a role best suited to their situation - even stipulating the amount of time they have to give.

The outcome of their search showcases a number of open positions, suited exactly to their requirements.

On the other hand, organisations seeking volunteers have back-end access to the tool, uploading the full description of the role themselves.

Not only does the GoVolHerts volunteering tool provide charitable organisations with a central place to manage volunteer applicants, it also exposes their role to a keen audience of would-be volunteers, seeking a rewarding commitment that fits into their existing responsibilities. Furthermore, it's totally free to use!

GoVolHerts is a win-win for both volunteers and the organisations seeking help.

Currently GoVolHerts has over 3,000 of volunteers registered, over 500 open opportunities and over 300 local organisations using the platform to find volunteers.

With ambitious goals to match even more volunteers to charities in 2024, the sky really is the limit for the team at GolVolHerts.

If you are interested in volunteering your time – from just a few hours a month, to a few hours a week – visit or call 01462 689409 to discover the opportunities available to you in your local community.

Alternatively, attend their Virtual Volunteer Fair Wednesday 28th February, 12pm to 2pm where you’ll witness presentations from several Hertfordshire organisations. Sign up online today.

If you’re a charity or organisation needing volunteers to deliver your mission in helping the community, go online to discover how to register your organisation and find volunteers today.