Excitement is bubbling up in Stevenage, as many take to Facebook to discuss the potential arrival of a Miller and Carter restaurant at the Roaring Meg retail park.

Currently a Harvester branch, and poised for a potential take over, the news has started a buzz with more than 700 comments on The Comet's article on the social platform.

Jo Finlayson said "Looking forward to a more local M&C while Paul De-Vall, proclaimed, "Thank the lord - love a Miller and Carter 👌".

"The Harvester has had its day; I look forward to having a Miller and Carter in Stevenage," said top fan Dave Stevens, while Joanna Bennett said: "It’s nice to see people with differing incomes be catered for... It will be nice to have a higher quality more adult environment."

Of course no Facebook comments section would be complete without a consensus by emoji, with reactions including 🙌, 😋,👀,❤️, 👌, and the classic👍.

While currently in the starting blocks of the planning process, the deadline for residents to have their say, whether a 😋 or 😮, is Wednesday, February 28.

However, the news also sparked regret among some commenters, for whom Harvester represented a beloved, family-friendly eatery.

"My son who is a fussy eater loves Harvester" says Aims Georgina Windler.

Meanwhile, Ash Leigh, voiced concern about the potential loss of a family-oriented restaurant and Steve Mellor called for eateries offering "good family value" in Stevenage.

Of course, amid the myriad of emotions drawn by this potential shift, there exists a brigade filled with amusement.

Some users are chuckling at the 'artistic impression' proposed by Miller and Carter, which seems to involve no more than changing the signage outside the restaurant.

"Looking forward to seeing what the 'artist' comes up with for the interior, probably just change the tables and chairs and call it a masterpiece?" joked Damon James.

So, where does this leave the residents of Stevenage?

Well, from the comments, it's clear that a significant number are ready to welcome this more upscale dining experience.

Yet, others are hopeful that perhaps Harvester could relocate, rather than disappear completely from the local map.

It remains to be seen just what will grace the Roaring Meg retail park in the days to come, until then, the steaks are high 🙈🥩.