Baldock hoteliers have said plans to replace parts of a restaurant with new bedrooms will boost the town’s "vitality".

Developers at The George have proposed four new hotel rooms at a "very sustainable location", a new cheese and wine bar for lease, and a smaller restaurant.

They have handed a planning application to North Herts Council, which must decide whether to grant or refuse permission.

A developer statement reads: "The scheme would actually make the residual restaurant more viable as a service for the town.

"Since the pandemic, the restaurant has not been viable to run at the current size.

"The owner has received no interest from the marketing of the premises for a current large-sized restaurant.

"Operators are simply not interested in this size of establishment in this small town location.

"Operators have expressed firm intent on leasing the premises if a smaller restaurant size is provided.

"Moreover, firm interest is received for a smaller retail and bar unit.

"This is intended to be provided and leased to a cheese and wine bar operator.

"Another smaller commercial unit created would further enhance the active frontage of the building and would in turn enhance the vitality of the town centre.


"Therefore, the proposal actually enhances two issues here.

"Firstly, the reduced-sized restaurant will then be attractive for an operator to lease the premises as a far more viable entity than the current large restaurant size.

"Secondly, the partial conversion would provide four hotel rooms in a very sustainable location, as part of the existing hotel use of the overall whole building."

According to the proposed floorplans, the proposed cheese and wine bar would face out onto Church Street.